Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to India - Update 2.

God is working. God is moving. God is convicting. God is breaking. God is building. God is doing huge things and He is using the country of India to show me how real those things are. We serve a God that is active. We serve a God that convicts and changes lives all over the world in all types of cultures. He is passionate about His people and desires for them to know Him and to live their lives for Him. It is a beautiful thing.

Today, we had the opportunity to go to a training seminar called Tree of Life. It was for a church in this town of about 50 members. They met in a tiny building for the seminar and we were there to film and take pictures so that we could make a video for them to use to promote the program. Tree of Life is a training program that raises up disciples in specific areas so that they can be equipped to take the Gospel to the people in their community. This process is an incredible way to take the Gospel to the nations by training new believers in a specific community to lead others to Christ in their community. It is The Great Commission at its finest.

So in this training there were about 20 men that were being equipped to take the Gospel and the love of Christ to the people that were lost in their communities. The idea is to develop disciples, that will then make disciples, and those disciples will make other disciples, etc. It was great to experience and witness these brothers being trained and brought up in the knowledge of God and the Gospel. It was amazing to see the passion that was within them. The passion to take the truth and love of Christ to the ones that had yet to hear or had yet to receive. I could sense the urgency inside of them to get this truth out before it was too late. It began to convict me. I realized that I live my life without being as concerned about furthering the Gospel as I should be. I live my life as though I expect others to pick up the slack when I choose not to be urgent about the Gospel. I live my life as though God only suggested that we make disciples... and it's not just me. Most of you do it too. The thing is, we are commanded by God to make disciples. 

"Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them everything I have commanded you."

The men in the training understood and committed to this commandment. They understood that a lost soul is an urgent matter and that there is no time to waste. As followers of Christ we have been blessed with life. Life has been spoken into us and we are all called to speak that life into others. The key word in The Great Commission is "GO." This is not a suggestion. This is not an option. This is not a "do this if you feel like it" kind of thing. It is a command. It is an order from the creator of life that has spoken life into us. I don't think we realize how severe this calling is.

We live our lives waiting on God to tell us to go when he has clearly already done so. Seeing the need in this country for more disciples that can share the love of God has opened my eyes to how important this is... how important it is to go. Without you, someone may go without hearing. Without YOU, someone may go without hearing of God's love! We cannot go day by day relying on and expecting others to take Christ to the world. We cannot continue to latch onto our comfort and our self-centered desires. We are clearly ordered and commanded to go. I believe that it is impossible to truly be a follower of Christ if this commandment is ignored because this is the main point in BEING a follower... to bring others to know HIM. 

We have the life but we choose not to share it with those who need to hear. It is not a matter of how you can get there if it means distance for you. It is not a matter of why you should go because it is obvious. It is not a matter of whether or not you should because if there was ONE thing you should do and just one it would be to GO. It is a matter of where your heart is. Do you care enough to go? Is your heart for the world greater than your heart for yourself? Do you care enough to speak life into the lifeless? Hope into the hopeless? Healing into the broken? Love into the unloved? Someone cared enough to speak life into you.

It's very simple. Go. Make. Baptize. There is no excuse. We have been given all of the methods in doing so. Our heart will determine what we do with it. There is such a bigger picture than our safe and free America. 


The lost is waiting.

The lifeless is eager to hear.

You have life.

What will you do with it? 

Be precise in what you say and be BOLD in how you say it. It's time for the "followers" to be leaders and truly follow Christ. It's time to be urgent. It's time for disciples to be made. GO.


Anonymous said...


Your blog is cool! What you are doing is awesome! I am very proud of you. Be safe,


Marilyn said...

RIP Brandon! I miss you man!! You were and still are my role model! I can't wait to see you when I get to Heaven!! (: See you soon!