Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Attacked by a mob in India.

So, the craziest thing happened today. We hung out at the hotel until mid-afternoon and then we decided to go our to see some sights. We were skeptical at first because of the Holi celebration, but we thought we would be fine. So, we all crammed into the bus and started driving off down the road. People were everywhere with paint on their faces and some were even screaming to us on the bus, "Happy Holi!" We turned onto this street and there was a mob of men dancing. They were all painted from head to toe and they started walking towards the bus screaming and dancing around. If you know my personality, I was pumped to see what was about to go down. They all got really close to the bus and began yelling "Happy Holi" at all of us. Eventually they were wrapped all the way around the bus so that we could not drive. At first they were only waving and yelling but some of them began getting angry and hitting our windows. One of them leaned in the drivers window and took the keys out of the ignition so we couldn't go anywhere. They started pushing through the door of the bus and one jumped on with us. It was absolutely nuts. By far one of the craziest things I have ever seen. After a few minutes they got out of the way just enough for us to begin driving and when we started driving off one of them threw a brick at the back of the bus. Haha. Oh my, it was intense. But I got every bit of it on video. Amazing.

I'm now back at the hotel in Ranchi and we are getting ready for dinner. It's almost 7 PM here. We will be heading to the train station in a couple of hours to go back to Calcutta. This is possibly the last time I will have internet until I get home. It has been an amazing time here in Ranchi. Meeting with other brothers and sisters in Christ and fellow-shipping with them is always an amazing experience... especially cross-culturally. I'm excited about what else is in store for this trip as we leave this place. Our God is glorious and righteous. 

Oh, praise Him.


paige said...

Brandon, you are in our prayers. paige and diane

Brandon McDaniel said...
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