Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I shall explain...

I suppose it would be fitting for my first blog to explain why I have a blog and honestly, I have no clue. I have to admit it has everything to do with two of my friends. (Bear with me while I entertain their pride) Matthew and Mitchell both have blogs of their own and I long to be just like them. So, this is my next step in that venture. Ok, since that is out of the way I will continue. I have a confession to make to everyone. I am a human. Shocking, huh? Indeed, I am a human and just like the next human I tend to want to be happy. Lately my thoughts have been intoxicated with the idea of life. Life seems to constantly leave me asking a question that is very popular between myself and my friends: What is the point? All I seem to come across when my thoughts are dumbfounded with this deadly cycle is one common characteristic: the pursit of happiness. Just as I tend to want to be happy, the entire world desires to be happy. Now, the idea of "happiness" is a great invention...but honestly, who is happy? What is happiness? Has anyone really found it? What is the point? Antoinette Kopperfield closed her poem by saying: "I dream with my heart that someday man will rejoice and return to his roots: life, love, and the pursuit of happiness." The search for happiness will always be dominant in our world but it seems to me that the pot of gold has yet to be found.

So, as I admit to you that I indeed am human and my brain is addicted to the idea of life...I welcome you to my blog. This is where I will be discussing it all.



heidi ferster said...

i like it.

Gigi said...

Hi Brandon I like your blog!!
I have one to it is http://www.onlybecauseofhim.blogspot.com

Gigi said...

I like that picture of
you at the top!!!

Hugs and kiss,


PS call me later!

Anonymous said...

God has another beautiful flower in his garden. Brandon, your family will truly miss you, but we will see you at Heaven's Gate someday.

Lesa Ward